3 Reasons Men Have Serious Grocery Shopping ‘Issues’

Have you ever seen a man trying to buy groceries for the house? Have you ever asked a man in your house to go buy the monthly grocery for the household? If yes, you are sure to have seen a painful expression cross their face and a big puzzled look throughout. Of course, there are exceptions where the man of the house actually accompanies the lady to buy the groceries. Even in such cases, we can find men who are clueless about what their partners are actually buying at the store.

So, why do they really have issues with groceries? The food or other items bought there is being used by them too in the house right? Let’s find out what are the issues they actually face:

Too many Options

Going with the age-old belief, women’s mind is more complicated than a man’s. An average man can’t even find the different shades of a color like a woman. Being that the case, if you are going to give your man a list that has something specific like your grooming kit with a number of specific items on the inside, it will definitely confuse them. Men’s Grooming Kits are not as elaborate as the women’s and so it is bound to confuse them.


They are not really worried about the specifics. If you want rice, they can get you rice but if you want something specific because you don’t like the taste of it when cooked or the smell it gives while boiling, you can be assured, they may not really get your point.


Men and children are more prone to pick out the first item of the specific product they see. They are not famous for searching other racks to see if there are better varieties or cheaper options placed on a different level.

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