8 Things to Consider Before Buying a Sex Swing

As we all know, you shouldn’t buy anything before getting to know the basics of it. And, when it comes to sex swings, informing yourself is even more important. After all, if you don’t think it through, you might end up with an injury.


So, what do you have to know before you buy a sex swing?


The Weight Capacity

The very first thing you should check is the weight capacity of the sex swing you wish to buy. We would also recommend only purchasing a sex swing that can handle more than what you weigh. If you take a sex swing that isn’t strong enough, you or your partner can get hurt.

The Adjustability

Considering how you want to use the swing is also a very good idea. Some couples like to take turns on the swing, so it is important for them to be able to adjust the swing to their respective body sizes. Also, you will want a sex swing that allows you to try multiple positions. And this is where reading reviews can come in handy.

The Installation

When it comes to installation, there are multiple things you have to consider. For example, do you plan to drill holes in your ceiling or not? Do you have enough room to set everything up? Will you need to hide the installation?

Once you figure those out, you can choose the type of a sex swing you wish to use.

Single or Double Hook Design?

As a general rule, we like recommending two hooks for newbies. They usually offer more stability and safety to you and your partner. However, a single hook comes with its advantages. Not only does it occupy less space, but it also allows the user to move around freely, thus a possibility of multiple orgasm.

The Cost

Determining your budget is a very important step in every purchase you plan on making. Some sex swings go for as low as 40 dollars, while some installations can cost over $500.

The Number of Straps

If you haven’t already notice, sex swings usually come with straps. Some of them offer straps that go around the thighs or arms, while some have straps that are there to allow the one in the swing to rest their feet. Additional straps will allow you to distribute your weight better and make yourself comfortable. They also increase your stability during sex.

The Attachments

The ability to customize your sex swing gives you a lot of freedom during the purchase. Namely, if you buy a sex swing and later find it to be too simple, you can always buy attachments for it. For example, you can add additional straps, headrests, handles, and other attachments at any point.


Essentially, you can start out with an inexpensive sex swing for your first purchase. One without any bells and whistles. And, you can then expand the capabilities of your sex swing at a later moment in time. That way, you don’t risk spending too much money on the first purchase, and you still keep the ability to expand upon the capabilities of the swing. Visit here for cumswingwithme.com from the Sex Swing experts