How To Build A Rabbit Hutch?

A rabbit hutch is a safe place to keep your rabbit safe and comfortable. The hutch that you are planning to build for your rabbit should also give free space to run around and play. At the same time, the hutch should be able to accommodate the size of your growing rabbit. Constructing a rabbit hutch is simple and it is done with a wooden frame by attaching a wire frame on the exterior and by cutting a door to move out. The site Pet Advice 360 also provides you with details of various commercially made rabbit hutches available for sale. Let see how you can construct a rabbit hutch on your own.

Things to consider for constructing a rabbit hutch

  • If you are planning to put in more than one rabbit they will more room to move around. It has to be 4 times the body size of a single rabbit. The height has to be minimum 16 inches.
  • Secondly, for accommodating multiple pets you can make use of a divider. You can separately house male and female bunnies.
  • Make sure that your hutch is not deeper than 30 inches as you will struggle to reach your rabbit.
  • Making a hutch out of untreated pine wood would be a good choice. It can withstand varying weather conditions and is also nontoxic if your rabbit chews it.
  • Attaching a door to your hutch requires wood to construct the door separately adding wire frame.
  • If you want your hutch to be slightly above the ground level, you will have to attach posts to lift it up above the ground level.
  • Plywood is ideal for roof and floor. Go for the ones that do not have large knots and easily flake up.

If you are building a hutch measuring 40 x 28 x 20 in inches then you need to cut out two plywood pieces for the floor and roof that measure 40 x 28 inches. Before you sit for the construction and assembly ensure that you are equipped with proper tools for cutting the wood and the wire frame such as saw, cutting player, nails, etc.

How to Find the Best Dog Gear in 2018

Can you even imagine sleeping on a cushion all day?

I woke up all stiff after falling accidentally asleep on my couch. I was so fatigued after the luncheon at my place and the marathon cooking that we did that I dozed off right in the middle of y loving room on the big sofa and with the television on!

It was in the middle of the night that revelation dawned and I realized that there I was ruining my night sleeping over a soft cushion in the most compromising position that would probably make my bone and joint doctor extremely happy to have me as a patient in their clinic for the sake of putting all their experience to use!

I woke up all sore!

My muscles were sore and my joint stiff and I realized at that moment the folly that we do when we buy the most softest the fluffiest of all cushion beds for our canines and felines!

Next day saw me buying a raised dog beds for large dogs that I have. The practical use of which I realized only later and I am sure that there are few more advantages that I would get to know gradually.

The raised dog bed is extremely comfortable for the larger dog breeds because they feel it is appropriate for their health. Also, because it is well supported there is enough to make them comfortable and not too soft to make the sloppy and slouchy. The getting in and the getting out is also very comfortable.

Another reason why I would give thumbs up for these beds is that it is very easy to clean under them with vacuum. They are also very light and durable and therefore they can be lifted and kept at other places around the house and additionally can be taken along if you are planning to travel with your dog.