Outdoor Games for Kids Who Are Bored

You as a parent always dream of an active child, isn’t? But what you are getting is far beyond your imagination. You perhaps wonder, what could be the matter with my child?  

Well, it might interest you to know that boredom is playing a significant role in your child’s attitude. Fortunately, you have a helper at your disposal.  

Outdoor games are valid for kids who are bored. The outdoors games have no age limitation. In fact, you can get your child the best toddler climbing toys when you shop.  

Getting your kids outdoors games will help both you and your kids. It is an elegant way of enjoying the sun, fresh air and having fun with friends outdoors.  

Below are three outdoors games for kids who are bored.  

Spud Game: In this game, a person will throw a ball at another player, the other player needs to dodge it so that it wouldn’t hit him, he has to run as fast as possible, but when the ball is thrown, he dodges and won’t move his feet.  

Sardines Game: It is known as the reversed version of “hide and seek,” in the sense that a person will hide and everyone else will look for him, whoever finds him will join the person hiding, and they keep growing, they tend to be packed together like sardines till it gets to the last person. 

Red Light, Green Light – Game: This is another outdoor game for kids that are bored. All you need do is designate a person who will be the stoplight.  


Other players will be far-away from him, about 10 to 20 feet. He will yell green light, that is to move and when he screams red light, that is to stop, whoever walks is out of the game. The game is over if no player could reach the spotlights.